Christina Pearl is an entrepreneurial business that combines years of dynamic knowledge and expertise to offer extraordinary and trendsetting services in:

  • Marketing
  • Events and Exhibitions - specialising in
  • hospitality(food, wine, beverage) art, hair & beauty and property sectors
  • Writing & Blogging
  • Property

Christina’s vibrant career history has afforded her opportunities to work as a business owner and employee in diverse industry sectors including Information Technology, Telecommunications, Government, Luxury Appliance Brand, Auditing/Accounting, Creative Industries (art/craft/design), Events and Exhibitions, Hair & Beauty and Property.

Christina places of work (past & present), include companies such as Software Consulting Services, Ericsson Germany, South African Embassy in Berlin, Ernst & Young,  Gauteng Provincial Government/DTI, Thebe Reed Exhibitions, Miele, Fiera Milano Exhibitions Africa, Ashleigh D Hair and Nails, H&G Expo, Urban Lime, Cappeny Estates and Keller Williams SA.

Christina has unique and well-rounded skills in marketing, sales, leadership, strategy, concept & idea development, project management, business development, event management, writing and customer service. She has extensive knowledge of diverse industry sectors.

She has credits to a UNISA BComm Marketing degree and has done various courses in Management, Facilitation, IT, SAQA Assessor Training, Wine, and Art. Christina has lived and worked in Germany and speaks fluent German. She is consistently training and learning in her fields of expertise and interests.

In her whimsical way, Christina merges creativity and business acumen to any project or client she works with. She exudes know-how, passion, tenacity, strategy, commitment, and love in everything she does.


Curated Services

Christina Pearl provides individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, events and projects with an array of curated services. This ranges from: Marketing, Business and Leadership Coaching, 360˚ Turnkey solutions for exhibitions and events specialising in the Hospitality (food, wine, beverage), Hair & Beauty, Art and Property Sectors, Real Estate, where as an Intern Associate of Keller Williams SA, we lead in connecting buyers and sellers of residential homes on the following belief system - win-win, integrity, customers, commitment, communication, creativity, teamwork, trust and success. Christina Pearl is fully invested to work with clients to change the trajectory of their lives, business and events in traditional and unorthodox ways for purposeful, positive and significant impact.

The Marketing Maverick

unorthodox…relevant thinking...creatively inspirational… authentic

The Aspiring Sommelier

wine appreciation…poetic style…unending curiosity…connecting souls

The Whimsical Writer

quaint…feeling the moment… out of the ordinary…storytelling

The Experimental Cook

radically inventive…avant-garde…exploratory palate…multi-faceted

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