Radically inventive…avant-garde…exploratory…multi-faceted… appreciation…poetic style…unending curiosity…connecting souls

Experiential events and exhibitions can be an explosion of goodness, impacting all the senses and connecting with a brand to create stories and memories.
We offer expertise as the Events & Exhibitions Extraordinaire in the following sectors and industries:

  • Culinary – food, wine, beverage
  • Art
  • Hair & beauty
  • Property
  • Writing

We collaborate and work together with our clients to provide 360˚ Turnkey solutions in Event & Project Management:

  • Create and innovate concepts
  • Implementation
  • Drive sales function
  • Effective Marketing assistance, coaching & training
  • Manage operations, production and hosting
  • Write and create content
  • Styling and photography
  • Research and development
The Renegade Kitchen, run by Chef Lucy Markewicz, held a Vegan/Vegetarian cooking earlier this year.
Gin in salad dressing? It was an amusing thought but daring at the same time. This was a spontaneous
Really? Vertical Wine Tastings? Don’t fret – it is not a regular wine tasting format. But is rea
It was my first tasting of Thelema Cabernet Sauvignon. I savoured and enjoyed this complex and styli
It was a privilege to have experienced a pairing with Haute Cabrière wines at a pop-up at Fairmont
It is interesting. It is fun to know how! You will need a bottle of wine, wine glass and bottle open
Guests were arriving and there was a shout out to prepare a cheese platter within half an hour. Luck
We eat with our eyes. We learn with our eyes. We feel food. It is a chef’s or food stylist story o
Recipes from cookbooks are always interesting. It raises the confidence of what you can put on the p
PRAWN & MANGO SALSA TACO This dish has layers of goodness.
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