quaint…feeling the moment… out of the ordinary…storytelling

Beginning with a thought, then a letter, then into words that transform to make sentences that become chapters and never-ending stories. Writing is a powerful platform that can echo great sounds of your life and business to make the right noise for attention and connection.

The Blog page is a mix of all areas of Christina Pearl business.
Our own poetic expression of the journey of life. This blog aims to motivate on a spiritual, physical, psychological and business and soul level.
It is about being alive in life!
I love writing. I love books. There is no choice but to write. My soul cannot be quietened. The word
We can sing in our hearts and minds. How wonderful when we move our bodies. Taking from yesterday on
Dream asleep. Dream awake. It is a series of thoughts, images, sensations of cherished aspirations a
The earth awakens from slumber. Seeds come to fruition. Flowers blossom. Spring Time emerges
Sometimes in life, you see something that leaves a mark in your memory. This little street got my at
Your story is your own. It is relevant and real. “Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you
True leadership must be earned. It is cannot be appointed or assigned. True leadership begins with t
During one of my strength training classes – the usual weight bar for barbell deadlift and barbell
Managing your brand is not a singular event but is a continous process. Brand is the sum total of ho
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